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Message: I see so much of this type of ad, I just had to post.
My studies show only 1 software package truly able to increase modem speed/optimize internet connection:dial-up/cable modems, ALL high-speed connections. It's very impressive.

It speeds up your internet connection! For any Internet connection that works in Windows®; dial-up modems of any speed, high-speed connections like cable modems, ISDN, T-1, LAN, etc. It works with all internet services; AOL and local ISPs. NOT a preloading caching program that hogs memory! This is true optimization!

So if you want to increase the speed of your modem, computer, and any web browser, I recommend the SpeedPak computer software package.

There is a 30 day money-back guarantee for the 30 day trial download too, so you risk nothing.

You will notice an improvement with any web browser, e-mail client, file transfer, online game, or other Internet software. Increase your computer's speed with a powerful program that takes mere seconds to install and downloads very fast.

Of all the optimizers I've seen and compared; this one is the best in my opinion. Their SpeedPak option is superb!

And I'm also quite impressed with their new RAMrocket software. It free's up RAM on your computer so you can do more, faster!

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