56k Lucent WinModem and 3Com and U.S. Robotics or Internet Speed Connection. Increase and Optimize Browser with WebRocket for your V.90 modem to make web page load faster. Fast,dialup,phone line

How about a FASTER Internet connection? Want to DOUBLE your Internet speed at no risk, guaranteed? Want web pages and email to load faster, downloads complete more quickly, and your Internet experience be more satisfying?

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For all dialup modems and 56k high-speed connections, a powerful, easy-to-use program for Windows® NT, 95, and 98. Without it, your Windows® program doesn't have enough power to give you the best Internet connection. Network conditions are constantly changing and unstable. Why not turbo charge your Internet connection, boost Internet data transport efficiency and adapt your modem or 56k high-speed connection to its maximum potential?
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  • Just because you have a 56k modem, doesn't mean you'll get a 56k connection. And if you're not getting it, you probably don't have a 56k compatible phone line. So what do you do? DOWNLOAD this program in mere seconds and get a far more rewarding web experience!
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    I have a Lucent V.90 56k WinModem. But I was only getting connected at a slow modem speed of 26400bps. On rare occasions I could get 28800bps. The problem was my phone line. It is not 56k compatible. But I tell you what, after optimizing my system, I was shocked! I honestly didn't expect to get the kind of speed I'm getting. My computer still shows 26400bps but instead of having to sit there as my screen slowly fills with info, now the page loads and snaps onto the screen really quick! I can move around on the web quite fast now! I'm happy!

    Happy Surfing!

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